Knowledge to Enable Transformation
Mission critical workforces spend the majority of their time in knowledge work - the experience-based, highly collaborative, non-linear set of activities that generate the vast majority of enterprise thinking, products, services, customer interactions and value. Put another way, knowledge work is high-value activities that are NOT routine transactions.  The ability to innovate, streamline, and collaboratively execute knowledge work is a key determinant of enterprise success.

Information + Collaboration = Increased Performance
It is the combination of targeted information and insightful team-based collaboration and execution, that generates insights, speed to solution, and ultimately business performance improvement.


Solution-Centered” Methodology

KNOWtoABLE’s methodology has been proven across multiple industries, and for various sizes of enterprises. The methodology is also purposely designed so that it can be applied to transformation efforts of widely varying scope and breadth; the method works equally well for analyzing and summarizing a mid-tier enterprise transformation effort as it does for a narrower scope of transformation program, e.g for a particular division, operation, or cross-functional process, such as supply chain.


Collaborative workspaces allow functionally and geographically diverse teams to work together more productively by integrating information and expertise into a capability-rich, role-based collaborative environment that is task, process or intention oriented.

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