Knowledge to Enable Transformation
Information + Collaboration = Increased Performance
Overview - Knowtoable’s approach is based on the fundamental premises that transforming how information is synthesized, managed, delivered, and how teams collaborate is a prerequisite to achieving desired goals for transforming processes, technology, the workforce - and above all performance.  
Our approach is to enable teams with streamlined, impactful, and targeted information, and the capabilities to quickly sift through, extract, analyze, and synthesize information.  In addition, to truly add insight and drive performance improvement nearly always requires a conversation with an expert who can add context, perspective, and experience to the information.  Therefore, users also need immediate discovery, access to, and the ability to collaborate with diverse experts while on-task. 

It is the combination of targeted information and insightful team-based collaboration that generates insights, speed to solution, and ultimately business performance improvement.

Performance requires focus, and focus requires attention Unfortunately, we often see knowledge workers drowning in information…..spending too much time searching (not finding), relating, and trying to make sense of the tsunami of data and content being pushed at them, from various uncoordinated functions, through a multitude of media and devices. 
Lack of insightful, targeted performance support solutions for today’s workforce results in information overload, with teams working harder and actually accomplishing less, although more information is provided.  Poor performance support is at the root of many of the performance gaps in today’s knowledge-intensive operations.

The emergence and rapid user adoption of social media technologies is a response to too much information, and not enough conversation and collaboration.  We are now at the cusp of the “enablement 2.0” wave of technology change, which will bring us a marriage of sophisticated content, collaboration, and social networking technologies.  Social networking techniques and technology will (painfully perhaps) become mainstream and incorporated into more traditional enterprise processes and technology.

Today, few business, operations, IT, or HR leaders specialize in advanced workforce enablement….the consequence is a suite of ad-hoc tools and approaches that impede productivity, and reduce the effectiveness of an organization’s most scarce and expensive human and information resources.

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