Knowledge to Enable Transformation
A Keen Understanding of “Knowledge Work”   
Mission critical workforces drive and execute “knowledge work”

Mission critical workforces - the most critical human resources in enterprises today - spend the majority of their time in knowledge work.  Knowledge work consists of programs, projects, and tasks that are idea-driven, cross-functional, experience-based, and relatively non-linear. 

Knowledge workers conceive, architect, and execute complex programs in product, process, and services development, marketing, sales, technology design and implementation, customer service, and relationship management.  These activities generate the vast majority of enterprise value, innovation, and customer intimacy. 

Knowledge work is also highly collaborative – routinely, efforts span multiple functions, roles, processes, and increasingly geography – requiring input from an increasingly distributed, virtual, and often extra-enterprise workforce. 

Knowledge work is hard to get right, but the ability to innovate, streamline, and execute knowledge work is a truly differentiating capability, and certainly a key determinant of enterprise success. 

Although the right human capital is critical - success in knowledge work is not simply finding, training, and motivating the best people.  In our experience, most organizations can radically improve how they enable their knowledge workers to perform these complex programs. 

Part of the challenge that KNOWtoABLE helps leaders to address is that creating the information management and collaboration capabilities necessary for success often requires a very senior sponsorship in the organization, as the shared services necessary cannot be cost-justified off of any one (even major) program.   We specialize in creating leverageable architectures and solutions that enable multiple programs and workforces, and generate increasing returns to scale.

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