Knowledge to Enable Transformation
"Solution-Centered” Methodology   
Solution Architecture is the center, - the most critical - and the most advanced area of the methodology. 
We define a holistic business solution architecture, consisting of comprehensive people, process, information, and technology areas.
We believe that information and expert enablement is as critical as people, process, and technology – in fact, for many of our clients, advancing the information and expert enablement layer of the solution provides quicker and more substantial gains in productivity and performance than the other more traditional elements.
KNOWtoABLE's Methodology:   
Proven - across multiple industries and workforces.

Versatile - designed to work for transformation initiatives of varying scope and breadth. Applicable to an enterprise transformation effort, or a narrower transformation program (e.g., for a particular division, operation, or cross-functional process, such as supply chain).

Balanced - The methodology is purposefully designed so that all roads meet at the solution.  From a "performance" standpoint (left to right), the transformation Strategy is enabled by the Solution Architecture, which is designed to deliver the desired level of business, operations and workforce Performance.  From a "program" standpoint (top to bottom), the Transformation Master Plan is embodied in the Solution Architecture, which is delivered via Implementation.

Comprehensive - Each of the five elements of the methodology (strategy, solution architecture, performance, transformation master plan, and implementation) has successive levels (1 through 5) of progressively more detailed deliverables.
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